Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Thoughts!!

I am alive and in good health. I am deeply loved by the Creator and Savior of the world. I'm not sure what else matters, but here's what's on my mind! Enjoy!

a. Riding home with all my windows down and sunroof open is the best way to end the day.
b. I love my internship site. My site supervisor tells a lot of stories. I love listening to people and feel honored when someone shares their life with me.
c. I'm learning students' names. I like that.
d. I think I took John, Fred, Ryan, and Robbie for granted at the House Off Rouse. I miss being able to go over there anytime and chilling. I think it's because I feel really safe with them. Sorry guys. I miss you!
e. Things haven't gone the way I hoped they would with something recently. I'm not disappointed because my hope is in Christ, not my circumstances. I'm actually even more excited because He'll do more that I can even imagine or dream of!
f. I am in dire need of Wicked the Musical. I might go for a walk with my iPod and belt the entire soundtrack. (Sorry, neighborhood!) This is if it's not too hot.
g. I also would love to watch High School Musical 3 with Kelly. I miss my bffl.
h. I am in dire need of a girls night!
i. I'd like to purchase a pair of sparkly black pumps. It's kind of a dream right now. I'm working on it.
j. The music at Summit Waterford and Summit Herndon was good yesterday. Yeah, I went to the 11 am at Waterford and the 6 pm at Herndon. I was happy!
k. I think the song "Healing Begins" by Tenth Avenue North sounds like the Newsboys.
l. Scarface is a REALLY boring movie. To answer your next question . . .Yes, I do like action movies. I would usually choose action over romance. Unless it's The Notebook. . .
m. If I'm going to stay in the Orlando area when I graduate, I need more friends. My closest seem to be moving away! Also, I like people and don't think one can ever know too many. :-)
n. The first thing I want to do when I get home from work (internship) is brush my teeth.
o. My mom is the strongest person I know.
p. When I think about going international, my heart beats a little faster and my palms sweat. I think I'm in love.
q. I have no desire to do any of the homework assigned to me this semester. I need an attitude adjustment! I know it'll be helpful. . .* struggling big time *
r. I don't know why I used letters. I usually just number really erratically. (Think 500 Day of Summer!) Guess I'm in a mellow mood!
s. Ann is so wise and beautiful. I am so lucky and blessed to be living here with the fam!

Well, those are my no means all my thoughts, but getting inside of someone else's mind is certainly dangerous. (I mean, just ask Hector B. Poole in the Twilight Zone's "A Penny For Your Thoughts.") So, I'll leave you with those. Have an excellent day!