Friday, July 15, 2011

For All My Ladies!!! (If you're man, just walk away . . .)

Most people who know me probably know that while I'm not the most girly person you will ever meet, I love women and being a woman. They also know that I like to talk about womanly things - not just shoe shopping and weddings - our cycles, hormones, moodiness, femininity, how our daddy issues are affecting our current relationships. It probably gets old to some people, but I think we find freedom in talking about things that have affected our lives.

Today I want to focus on one that most people probably aren't running around talking about - our cycle. Before you facepalm, hear me out! I'll try not to get too graphic while sharing about two things that have changed my life!

The first is a book. One I think every woman should read. It's called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." It's not just a book for those crazy people who are all granola and hippie. It's a book to help you understand what's going on in your body. And as women, there's a lot of changes that happen over a given month. Do you know what's happening in your body? The book gives you a very direct picture of what happens. Like every book, it has its own agenda, but it's good to read it and make your own decisions. I started reading it because my cycle would last three or four months at at time. I realized that I could chart my cycle and figure out what was going wrong.

It led me to start charting. This means I take my temperature every day to see where I am in my cycle. I use My Fertility Charts to keep track of my symptoms, which means I typically know exactly where I am and what's happening next. And what they say is true: knowledge is power. While I used to be pulled to and fro by my emotions and my hormones, understanding where I'm at has changed my entire perspective.

Another benefit: I've never wanted to go on birth control. I just have never been comfortable with what I know of the different forms of it; and I'd rather not have hormones control my hormones if I don't need to. Knowing where I am in my cycle really will negate the need for that when I am married. And that makes me very happy. Plus, I don't want to go on the pill just because that's what people do. I'm not knocking other people's choice to take the pill, but I believe that knowledge is power. In today's world, it is wise to know all your options so you can make the right decisions for YOU!

Learning what is going on in your body is something that you will never regret!

The second is called the "Diva Cup." Not a book, but something equally life changing. It's a menstrual cup. It's very different than the pads and tampons that we're used to as women. And to be honest, it's so much better. It's a little silicone cup that you insert and it rests at the base of your vagina. Your flow collects in the cup, which at the end of 12 hours you dump out, rinse out, and put back in. I haven't had any problems with it leaking which makes me feel like a real person. I work out, go swimming, sit down or walk around. I doo whatever I want! I used to feel gross and like not doing anything when I was on my period before. And now I feel the freedom to be me.

Before you get too grossed out, here are some benefits:
* No leakage, which leaves you feeling clean your entire cycle
* No headaches, stomach aches, and all the other stuff that wearing tampons tends to produce
* Less waste - not having to worry about where to throw away your stuff if you can't flush thick paper waste or find a trash can (not to mention no worries about putting bleached cotton in your body)
* You just put it in and forget about it, you'll learn when it's time to reload
* Less money spent on products
* There's a community of people who are there to support you and give you tips when you have questions

Just go to the website and check it out. Read what other people have to say about it. Watch videos about it. It might sound weird, but don't just blow it off! It has changed my life.

I hope you take some time and check these things out! And feel free to ask me any questions about either thing. :-) I love talking about these things - just ask my small group from church. :-D I have much love for you and hope these things will help you walk in more freedom!

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Katrina said...

Yay Diva Cup! I'll have to check out that book sometime.