Friday, February 14, 2014

It Sneaked Up On Me . . .

It was unexpected.

Last night, I was catching up with my friend who is moving away to do amazing ministry work overseas and he, knowing that I just moved into a little house, asked me how it was. "Oh, Freddo, I love it! It's great! But," I responded, "it would be better if . . ." My voice trailed off and I paused. "No. Actually, I'm pretty happy with it as is!" We both laughed and the conversation continued.

And I realized that contentment had snuck up on me. It wasn't something I had fought or even looked for. It was just there.

There are plenty of serious or petty things I could have filled in that blank.


  • I had a husband to snuggle me every night.
  • I had a roommate to cook for me sometimes.
  • Someone volunteered to clean my house at LEAST once a week.
  • I had more friends to invite over all the time.
Hurts and Fears:
  • My latest relationship that just ended because he gave up and that still makes me sad.
  • It's difficult to find community; I wonder if the people who are part of mine really find value in me.
It wouldn't be difficult to think of more. In that moment, it didn't matter. I lost all of my excuses to be unhappy or bitter, and I was okay.

Today, I am grateful for the small moments that make me realize that life, while crazy and unexpected, is chock-full of grace and mercy.

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