Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. . .

I think I'm addicted . . . to High School Musical.  Not just the first one but the entire trilogy.  Even though I haven't listened to any of the music for awhile, it is constantly in my head. I don't quite understand it.  I will randomly find myself playing the songs in my head, mouthing the words.  I liked the 1st one because it was every dream that I ever had about living my life as a musical.  The 2nd one, I didn't like at first. It has less songs that I found enjoyable, but the dancing was really fantastic.  High School Musical: Senior Year was definitely my favorite.  I refused to pay money for it until my roommate and I saw it with the movie gift cards we won.  I fell in love with it and we saw it again the next day.

I will admit, it's a bit like comfort food.  A guilty pleasure.  But, it's too much at this point. So, I'm giving it up for a little bit. I have asked my even more obsessed roommate to help me out.  She is being very nice about it!

I'm working on it!

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