Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One is the Loneliest Number

One. Lonely. Uno. Solo. Solitary. Sad. Alone. Unlovable.

Most of the time, I'm content in my singleness. I can be content because I know that God has somebody for me that will love me like Christ loves the church; someone who I will respect and who I can build a live with. Yeah, there's a promise and I can trust in God for it. But there's one specific time when I can't help but hate being single with everything inside of me.

And that's when I'm moving. I never feel lonelier than that. There's not necessarily someone there to help me pack or carry heavy stuff. It's just me when deciding what to take over first; I'm left to my own devices to figure out how in the world to put together the furniture I've just bought. My mom would probably tell you that I've always been the independent type, that's true. But doing this alone is difficult. I'm not saying that it's hard because I need somebody to carry heavy things for me. I can do it myself. There's just something about having someone to complain to, to be frustrated with...someone who is going through the same thing. Or at least the idea of it sounds wonderful...

And then I remember the power of One. Christ. It only took one man to come and reconcile us to God. I remember embarking on the journey that brought me to Orlando two and a half years ago. I remember how all that mattered was that Christ was leading me; there was so much excitement and wonder.

This memory doesn't make packing and moving any easier, but it gives me a little more peace. It makes me smile to remember that me and God embarked on this journey a little while ago and He still leads the way as we step into this new season of life. Being single doesn't automatically make me lonely, sad, or unlovable. When I marry, my name will change, but my identity will still be one who is redeemed by Christ. I will still be His righteousness.

So, as I pack and move down the street, I remember that I have strength through God to make it through this transition. And one isn't really the loneliest number because God's right here with me. :-)

Isaiah 26:3 "Lord, You will keep him in perfect peace, he whose mind is stayed on God." - JDV (the Jessica Dickson Version)

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