Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, a new year brings new goals, new resolutions and attempts (though usually failed) at life changes. I usually do goals instead of resolutions because I'm pretty goal oriented. Usually I choose too many and only do one or two (out of the 7 I might try). This year, I'm not doing all that. Mostly because I have come to recognize how futile my personal attempts at changing myself are. That's God's job.

There are a few things that I am doing though.

The ladies over at Living Proof Ministries memorizes 24 verses in a year. That's two a month. That's very doable and there's added accountability because like, tons of women are doing it (and I follow some of them on Twitter). The best part is that everybody chooses their own verse to memorize. Whatever God is speaking in our own individual lives, that's what we memorize. I'm looking forward to this! My first verse is Exodus 20:23 in the Amplified Bible: You shall not make [gods to share] with Me [My glory and your worship]; gods of silver or gods of gold you shall not make for yourselves.

I am interested in home improvement. Anyone who knows me would probably be confused by this statement, but I'm really interested in refinishing a piece of furniture I have. It might not happen on my own, but I have decided to sign up for Home Depot's Home Improver Club workshops. I don't have school anymore so I have a little extra free time. i think that learning how to do practical things in the home will be time well spent. I am really excited about this. :-)

I need to do something cultural, though. Last year, I saw at least one show a month (and in October I saw a few plays and a few concerts). Maybe the theme of this year will be museums? Well, I'll think through that later. :-)

I hope that everybody had a fantastic time bringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year, y'all!

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