Sunday, January 2, 2011

Does Your Life Make Sense in Light of the Gospel?

I have been watching the Passion Conference online because I can't make it out there for it. Every sermon has been convicting or confirming...whichever I needed at the time. But only one question has gone right down into the soul of the matter. My soul. It's a question based on Philippians 1:27 that I hate that Francis Chan decided to ask: Does your life make sense in light of the Gospel?

Maybe it was the stories he told about people in the underground church who had to run from gunshots because they were Christ followers. Or the fact that when he told them of how people in America will switch churches because they don't like the songs, they laughed. No, he wasn't joking, but what a mockery we've made of ourselves. So, maybe you can see how that question was so significant...maybe not.

But for me . . .

It might be the most significant question that I've ever been asked. It's frustrating and convicting and everything it should be.

It's session three. Check it out at It's only up for about 24 hours. Get it while it lasts!

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